Wedding Ceremony Webcast


Thank you for your interest in viewing our wedding from afar. We are
really touched that so many of you who can't be with us physically
want to be with us cyber-ly.

We will be transmitting the wedding through AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). 

PLEASE NOTE- You must have the latest version of AIM and ALSO be
running Windows XP. The video feature will NOT WORK if you are running
Windows 2000 as your operation system.  If you have a Mac, it's
through iChat and you'll have no problems.

If you already have an AIM screen name, just add ericandnaomi2005.

Our AIM ID is ericandnaomi2005.

select user name and enter required registration info
enter user name and password just selected
enter registration info 
select Windows download, save to disk- remember where you save it to.
locate the Install_AIM.exe file and double click to start it.
click Yes
click Next
uncheck all the boxes and click Next
click Next
choose your internet connection type, modem/dail-up or cable/DSL
select your country, enter your zip code and uncheck the box. click Next
select where if anyplace you want the icons installed. click Next.
click Next. and wait for AOL to install 
it doesn't matter if you set it as your default.
enter your user name.
enter your password.

you should then have a "Welcome to AOL Instant Messenger" window pop
up that gives you options to add buddies by name or email address. Our
user name is ericandnaomi2005.

if you do not get this window, please go in your Buddy List Window to
Setup (on the bottom). then Buddy List Setup. click the "add buddy"
icon on the bottom and add our name, ericandnaomi2005. Then click
"return to buddy list". Right click on our screen name, and select
"Open video". Click the tab that says "My Buddy". At this point you
may need to wait a few minutes for us to accept your invitation to the
video chat.

That should be all it takes to get this up and running. Please
remember that the ceremony starts at 11:30. You will want to have this
all set up and going before that.

As of Friday, April 12th, 2024 at11:04 PM, we have been
happily married for 19 years, 7 weeks, 5 days, 15 hours and 33 minutes!

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